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The private side of heavy metal icon Ronnie James Dio

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Whether they realize it or not, millions of headbangers around the world have paid tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio every time they raise their index and small fingers in the infamous “metal horns” salute at a concert. While he is widely credited with the invention (or, at the very least, popularization) of […]

The Best Reality Meltdowns Of All Time!

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As of late, I have found it harder and harder to not go all Lewis Black over work, relationships, idiots in general, etc. But unfortunate circumstances insist I behave like a grown-up, so I have to settle for watching others do it online. Here are a few of my favorites: Of course, this is the […]

Susanna Lo talks serial killers and elevator love

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Susanna Lo stands over a body slumped in a chair, palpable body heat rising from the man drenched in blood. The drops hitting the floor are barely audible. She takes a dripping knife from a young girl standing nearby, hands it to another girl waiting in the shadows, and unties the ropes that bind the […]

That is one big funny Peter!

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An Interview with “Big” Peter Bisuito, Comedian By Fred Pollard Marketing entrepreneur. Bodybuilder. Gay man. Dancer. Stand up comedian. Does Peter Bisuito think he is one in a million? “Well I have searched and searched, and as far as I know, I am the only 40-something, openly gay, bodybuilding stand up comedian out there,” he […]

The most important five minutes you will spend today

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A good friend of mine, Drake Jensen, has just released his newest video, “Scars.” It carries a very important message. Watch it here.

Paris Jackson attempts suicide: a cry for help from a young girl, not a commodity

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At 1:30 a.m. this morning, Michael Jackson’s daughter, 15-year-old Paris Jackson, was rushed to an L.A. hospital with slashes on her wrists. While reports are stating she is doing fine (physically), this will no doubt only be the beginning of a long, drawn-out and sordid tabloid story for weeks or months to come. In some […]

Man on a Mission

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Drake Jensen Beats Down Bullies Through Music By Fred Pollard April 15 was a strange day. Taxes were due. Naughty girl Samantha Fox turned 47. Bombs shattered the Boston Marathon. And country singer Drake Jensen spent part of his 43rd birthday chatting with me about bullies, Obama, our careers, and the success of his new […]

Learning to Love the Hardest Person; Yourself

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By Fred Pollard This weekend, I am attending a fundraiser in St. Louis for the release of Del Shores’ newest film, Southern Baptist Sissies. Not having seen the stage play, I was not aware until talking to Del just how important the film really is. I was expecting another twisted classic a la Sordid Lives, but the […]

The latest gossip: Reese Witherspoon arrest, new Fleetwood Mac music, The Shining sequel, Divinyls singer dies

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FLEETWOOD MAC TO RELEASE NEW MUSIC Iconic band Fleetwood Mac, currently selling out stadiums across the country, is “days away” from releasing an EP of new material, band member Lindsey Buckingham recently told a concert crowd. The EP is set to contain four new songs, three from Buckingham and one from Stevie Nicks. The songs […]

The best Internet videos you have probably never seen

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In an era of Sweet Brown and the “hide yo wife, hide yo kidz” guy, it doesn’t take long at all for everybody and their mother to see what is burning up the web, literally within a matter of minutes. Here are a few of the funniest, touching, and most entertaining wastes of your time […]