About Me

Fred Pollard is an award-winning author, reporter, editor, blogger, and self-proclaimed leader of revolt against all things conservative, mundane, and acceptable.

His writing has been showcased in a wide array of sources, including columns, newsletters, magazines, a poetry anthology, and his work for The Telegraph newspaper as a business, education, and hard news reporter. He also is a regular contributor for Home StylefURvor, and HIM magazines.

When not dressing his Muppet stuffed toys in nun’s habits and putting on Catholic Schoolgirls Gone Bad stage productions in his office, he most likely is working on an article, a blog, or that never-ending precipice of anxiety and stress…the book.

If you are a fan of John Waters, Concrete Blonde, or Cannibal Holocaust, then chances are you and he will be immediate and lifelong friends.

Fred lives in Alton, Illinois, one of the most haunted small towns in America. How fitting. He currently serves the community as the editor of AdVantage News.


* Personally threatened by the Westboro Baptist Church

* Spent an indelible four minutes with Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson from “Little House on the Prairie”)…changing her life forever!

* As a teenager, talked on the phone with Fleetwood Mac (and experienced such connection problems that Mick Fleetwood began to wail, “Fred! Fred! Please don’t leave us, Fred!”)

* Friends with former members of Charles Manson’s “Family.”

* Ran into Chris Kattan in an elevator.

* Erroneously reported that Alan Parsons had died on a blog post; heard from Alan Parsons who in no uncertain terms let it be known he was NOT dead.

* Tipped Zak Spears.

* At the age of four, was placed onstage with notorious cult figure Garner Ted Armstrong from the Worldwide Church of God and sang “Tiny Bubbles.”


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