Stage collapses during Cheap Trick concert

Yesterday in Canada, Cheap Trick brought the house down…literally.

During a storm in Ottawa, the stage on which the legendary band was performing collapsed during its performance.

No one in the band was hurt, thankfully, but early reports are five people, including crew, suffered minor injuries.

See a news report on the event here.

Vocalist Robin Zander said the band “was lucky to be alive,” and after seeing the frightening video, one can see why they feel fortunate to have escaped any serious injury. It is just one more reminder of how quickly a storm can turn serious and sometimes even deadly.

Cheap Trick, formed in 1973, still boasts its original four members. Always known as somewhat of an “everyman’s hard rock band,” it gained a following among rock purists in the 70s with hits such as “Surrender,” “Dream Police,” and “I Want You to Want Me.” In the 80s, raw rock was out and polished pop was in, and Cheap Trick, following in the footsteps of Fleetwood Mac, Heart, and the Grateful Dead, jumped onto the MTV bandwagon with “The Flame” and “Can’t Stop Fallin’ Into Love.”

In the years since, the group has returned to its roots and, no longer a stadium draw, has transformed into a legendary bar band, where it got its start.

Cheap Trick has now been performing for loyal fans all over the world for nearly 40 years.