The Best Reality Meltdowns Of All Time!

As of late, I have found it harder and harder to not go all Lewis Black over work, relationships, idiots in general, etc. But unfortunate circumstances insist I behave like a grown-up, so I have to settle for watching others do it online. Here are a few of my favorites:

Of course, this is the one everybody is talking about these days. Watch the wife throw an epic fit over being told “no”:

This is a rare example where the REAL drama happens AFTER the cameras stop rolling. Chef Gordon Ramsey features Amy’s Baking Company on his show Kitchen Nightmares, and eventually walks away after arguing with the couple who owns the restaurant. THEN, after being pummelled by unhappy customers and freak show spectators on their Facebook page, the couple takes to the page and all hell breaks loose! First, watch the episode:

Then, check out the postings on their Facebook page:

Here are some random and hilarious temper tantrums from newscasters, weathermen, sports commentators, and more:

Hardcore Pawn meltdowns – “Imma hit yoo wit my truck!”

And then, of course, there is the biggest baby of them all.

The winner, hands-down, is the God Warrior. In 2005, Marguerite Perrin and her family were featured on an episode of Trading Spouses.¬†She proclaimed herself a “Christian,” and after being forced to spend some time in a “house of Satan,” well…grab the popcorn and prepare to become dork-sided:


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