HIM Magazine’s feature on yours truly

Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone, I agreed to HIM Magazine doing a feature on me…so here it is.

Turning the Tables on the Man Behind the Interviews

An Interview with Fred Pollard, Freditorials.com

By Dave Griffiths

Fred Pollard is a well-known blogger who contributes monthly to HIM Magazine and on his own site at www.Freditorials.com. He is a writer, an author, and from my own personal view, he’s a great guy! This month, instead of Fred interviewing someone else, we decided to turn the tables on Fred and make him the subject of his own interview. Turn about is fair play, right? So we wanted to see what makes this man tick and find out about his deepest, darkest desires. You know, all the things you’re not supposed to ask him at a dinner party!

So what did I find out about him? He was raised in a cult, he has a book on it’s way, and he’s very vanilla, but he’d like to find that special someone who brings out his kinky side. Is that you?

HIM Magazine would like to thank Steven Ley ofFURVORmag.com for taking these incredible shots of Fred and all of his different personalities. After all of the interviews he’s done, we figured it was time this hot bear had his own centerfold. He’s never looked so sexy! Who wants to see his nude shots?


 Photos: Steven Ley FURVORmag.com

Not everyone knows about your past. What was it like growing up in a cult?

“I know it sounds weird, but at the time it did not seem all that strange. From birth until the age of about 16, I was raised in a cult, so it really was all I knew. To me, the people in ‘the world’ were the strange ones, and I felt sorry for them for not knowing ‘the truth’ as I did. It wasn’t until I got older and started to see the manipulation and mind control that I realized something was not right. It is so easy for people to say, ‘I don’t understand how so-and-so can’t see how fucked up their life is,’ but if it is all you know, it really does seem like normalcy to you.”

In what ways have you been “damaged” by living a life full of religion?

“I don’t think the word ‘damaged’ really applies. If the last few years have taught me anything, it is that life really is a journey. I think our paths are a mixture of where we were meant to be and the choices we make along the way…and those experiences make us who we are. It took me many years to find my own identity and ‘undo’ all that was done to and fed to me, and it really sucked. Really sucked. But I think the fact that I was born there means I was supposed to learn something from being there. I am still on that path to some extent and will be the rest of my life. But I have learned so much by going through that process and I think I am fortunate to have been given a unique experience and insight that may make me relate-able to someone going through a similar situation.”

Do you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person today?

“I am definitely not a religious person; I think organized religion is one of the most dangerous things ever invented by man. I spent many years being associated with that environment, and I know how much damage and pain it has caused countless people. I know there are many, many good people out there who are happy and loyal Christians, and get what they need out of being there. I just know for me personally, I got to a point where I could no longer associate myself with an environment that supports so much hatred.

“Am I a spiritual person? Hmmm. The older I get, the more I find I don’t think I really even know what that word means. I definitely think we are guided through our lives by some unknown force, but whether that is ethereal or scientific I haven’t decided. I do know that when I am practicing meditation regularly, there are moments when I feel I am totally ‘in-tune’ with myself and the world around me. Of course, people who say they are filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues will say the same thing, so there you go.”

How do you find the balance between religion and being a homosexual man in today’s world?

“For me, I see those two things as apples and oranges, but that is only my view. I have several gay friends who have wonderful relationships with their churches, and see a relationship with God as an integral part of their lives. How they correlate and integrate the two is beyond my understanding, but we come from different backgrounds, so that is understandable. I do know that it gives me hope for those two worlds to be one day intertwined and a healthy environment for all involved. Possibly even for me…who knows? And, if all else fails, I just ask myself, ‘What would Buckwheat do?’”

Why do you think there is so much anti-gay hatred in religion today?

“Because there are a lot of freaked-out queers who are married, have families, and are in leadership positions in their churches. They have been raised to believe there is something inherently evil inside of them that must be purged, and that disgust expresses itself as a venomous cause to ‘clean the scourge from the Earth (and themselves).’ Plus, they are just bitter that they cannot suck dick. Group them with a bunch of other people who just need something to hate, and boom, you have a crusade. Or, if you will, a witch hunt.”


What would you like to tell the Westboro Baptist Church?

“(Laughs) Well, I think I have already made it clear what I think of them. A few years ago they were in a nearby town to protest a Marine’s funeral. I had been the reporter who was following this Marine’s story for a newspaper, and I interviewed Fred Phelps’ daughter, Shirley. I only printed exactly what she said, but apparently their family was not happy with the article. Her brother sent me a nasty email, basically threatening me with ‘the fires of God’s wrath’ if I showed up at the funeral. I didn’t feel that they were even worth the time or trouble it would take to reply. Needless to say, I was there at the funeral, and the outpouring of support the community showed for this fallen Marine and his family was incredible. I don’t think that would have happened if not for the WBC’s involvement.

“I think they should keep doing their psychotic thing, as it continues to unite military families, motorcycle clubs, the LGBT community, and communities in general in a way that would probably never have happened otherwise. Unity against hatred is a powerful and wonderful thing to witness.

“Outside of that, the less said about the Phelps, the better.”

Do you watch the 700 Club because, as Pat Robertson suggested, you’re a “straight man pretending to be gay”?

“Pat Robertson is my hero. I would love it if every time I said something stupid, I ended up being one of the top searches on Yahoo. I would be there constantly. Ask any of my friends; they hear me say stupid things a good four, five times a day. Here, let’s try one now. ‘Every time a woman performs extramarital oral sex, God inspires another idiot to buy a Justin Bieber CD.’ See? Nothing. I want to know Pat Robertson’s secret.”

If the Pope called you one day to ask for advice on how to handle the gay community, what would you tell him?

“Hmm…I don’t really know. I never really think about the Pope, and he has no impact on my life. I think if I were to get that call, I would simply have to ask him ‘Are you gay? No? Then you probably need to mind your own business and stay out of theirs. Oh, and by the way, quit covering up for your pedophile-riddled staff; it just makes you look like an even bigger douche bag.’”

What qualities would your dream man have?

“Liev Schreiber. LIEV SCHREIBER. Liev. Schreiber.”

Do you have any fetishes and have you ever acted upon them?

“Well there was that time with the asparagus, the lesbian midget wrestling team, and the trucker dressed as Minnie Pearl. Those shenanigans were definitely full of the dickens. Of course, I think I got that out of my system, so it’s kind of a ‘been there, done that’ type scenario. I am currently taking suggestions (and applications) for new experiences…you have my contact information.”

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

“Masturbated while thinking about Marcus and Michelle Bachmann having sex… just to see if it could be done.”

What would your most incredible fantasy be, who would it be with, and where would you do it?

“Um, weren’t you listening? Liev Schreiber. And a bathtub full of Breyer’s chocolate chip ice cream within reach. While the Maury show is on in the background.”

Here’s an oldie and a goodie, thanks to the Newlywed Show… “Where is the weirdest place where you have ever had the urge to make whoopee?”

“In a tree. Honest. And yes, I fell in the middle of it and fucked up my wrist. (I know you thought I was going to say, ‘in the butt, Bob,’ but really…that has been done so many times already.)”

Republican or Democrat? Liberal or Conservative? Pepsi or Coke?

“Aquarius. Aspiring Dreamlander. Who cares, as long as it has a soda/rum 10/90 ratio.”

Who would you say are some of the most memorable people you’ve ever interviewed?

“I don’t know about the most memorable. Shirley Phelps-Roper certainly is up there (‘You really are ignorant, aren’t you? Don’t you hear what God is saying He is going to do to this nation?’). Del Shores had me cracking up through his entire interview, so that was a lot of fun. And my interview with Mark Anthony Caruso (“Papabear”) from ‘Survivor’ sticks out for me, as that interview grew into a close friendship that has lasted to this day.”

Who would your ultimate interview be with and why?

“If I ever get to interview Stevie Nicks I will pee all over myself (just hopefully not during the interview). There are SO MANY good ideas I have for her, and the interviews I see just ask her the same tired questions over and over. I also would love to sit down with Sarah Palin. Katie Couric asking what magazines she reads was a golden moment in media history. How much better would a clip of me asking Sarah about her favorite coloring books be?

“Beyond that, I would love to get Dan Savage, Victoria Jackson, Jon Stewart, Pat Robertson, and Jesus Christ together for an open table discussion, turn on my recorder, and just let the magic happen. Talk about an article that would write itself! Oh, and throw Kim Kardashian in there, as well. A photo of her looking completely confused at hearing so many big words would be a great cover shot.”

What stage are you in writing your book? When will it be released? It is helpful to you to research and write about your past?

“Sigh…the book. That thing should have been done a long time ago, but shit continues to get in the way. In a nutshell, I am writing a book that focuses on the members of Charles Manson’s cult, the ‘Family.’ Too much has been written about him, and there are so many rumors and myths about the case. For over 40 years, the public has held a morbid fascination and a visceral fear of the people involved. My book is an attempt to debunk some urban legends and show what has happened to the former cult members in the years since the infamous murders in 1969. I think my past as a cult survivor gives me some insight that is lacking in other books and documentaries on the case and will make my project somewhat unique.

“I have spent several years compiling information and interviews and speaking with those connected to the case. It is all in bits and pieces and I am now ready to put it together. It is like a huge jigsaw puzzle that makes me want to sit huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth, every time I see the piles on my desk. But it will get done and out there! The message is too important, I think.”

You started your blog Freditorials.com in August 2010. What did you hope to accomplish with your blog and have you been successful in reaching your goals?

“It actually started out as a pop culture blog through the newspaper that I worked for. Last summer, I took ownership of the blog and since then have been gearing it more toward what my vision for it was all along. I just wanted an outlet for my interviews, a place for people to go to get something obscure or absurd every once in a while, and someplace to vent. I think I am getting there.”

How many people read your blog on a monthly basis?

“That varies widely. I never know what is going to strike a chord with people, so I just try to write about what interests me and see what sticks. I am always surprised. I did an interview with a well-known entertainment figure, and promoted it heavily, and it never really got that many hits. On the other hand, when I heard about country singer Mindy McCready’s suicide, I just threw together my thoughts that morning and put it out there, and it received more hits than almost any other entry.

“So I guess the lesson is that if you talk about drugs, sex or death, you are more popular.”

Let’s hope the same thing applies for sex and religion! [laughs] What else would you like our readers to know?

“That I am approachable. If you see me out and about, please come up and say hello. I am painfully shy in person, so even if I see you and want to do inexplicable things to you with a can of string cheese, chances are I won’t ever have the chance unless you make the first move.”

Who took these awesome photographs of you and how can people contact him to shoot their photos?

“Steve Ley is a wonderful photographer and a great friend. He is the publisher of fURvor, a magazine geared for bears and based out of the St. Louis area. You can contact him at http://furvormag.com/fetch/woof/945-steve-ley

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