An international man of mystery

Model Profile: Miles Windsor

By Fred Pollard

With a “look” that bucks just about every trend in the industry, model Miles Windsor has never fit easily into the clean-cut world of glossy blokes and waxed muscles… and that is just fine with him. HIM Magazine had the opportunity to talk to Miles and get a little insight into the man behind the smoldering demeanor. And we have found he is as much a mystery as he was before. 


FredPollard_photoHow did you get involved in modeling?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14I was in a production of “The Sound of Music” when I was 11 years old in Sydney, Australia.  I was doing some production stills and the photographer thought I would be good for some ads he was hired to do. I have been doing it ever since, with a few year breaks in between.

FredPollard_photoHow long have you been in the industry?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr1438 years.

FredPollard_photoWhat was your first job like? Is there anything that surprised you about that first experience?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14I just remember being surrounded by dozens of people, all of whom were making sure I was prepped and ready for the photographer. This is when I manifested great disdain for makeup. We did some studio shots and outside shots as well. They were all so uptight. I remember that distinctly. Running about and drinking lots of coffee and chain smoking. It was kind of funny in a strange way. All that attention freaked me out.

FredPollard_photoHow does the real Miles compare to the man in the pictures? Do you find yourself playing a character, or are you just reflecting what’s inside of you?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14The real Miles is concealed. The shoots are fantasy for me. I mean really?!? I don’t walk about half-dressed or muddied up or in leather every day. The assignments I pick slightly reflect a bit of me and what I like and that is what I go for when I get requests for a shoot. As far as me playing a character, yes, it happens and I’m sure that is never going to change. Fellas see me and I get called “sex on legs” which is really discomforting because I’m not. I’m actually a quiet fella and kinda dorky. I play video games in my spare time that’s about it. Not very glamorous, really.

FredPollard_photoWhere did you grow up? What sticks out when you think about your childhood?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14I grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and mostly on a plane shuttling between the U.S. and Australia. I did a six month split until I moved here permanently in the late 80s. I was considered a “latch key” kid. I never really interacted with my parents since they traveled and had careers. It wasn’t a secret they were both boozers and I seriously never missed them when they were gone. I always had a governess and was home schooled. It was normal for me until I grew up and started meeting other kids and teens my age and would hear about their home lives and realized that I was considerably different. I should have known I wasn’t meant to be in one place too long since I ran away from home at three and my grandmother had to chase me in a milk truck.

FredPollard_photoYour modeling, along with a few distinct others, reflects a shift in the LBGT community away from the stereotypical “gym queen” and “pretty boy” models. What do you think of the growing attention to the bear community?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14In my opinion, and this is just me, I think it represents a growing need to get back to basics. The gym queen and pretty boy are all high maintenance and plastic. It’s all about the number of Botox injections you get, how your abs look and blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, every “community” has their high maintenance but the majority of the bear community represents real down to earth fellas who can be themselves and live in the moment and not worry too much about perception. “We eat the donuts cause they are tasty and we can.”

FredPollard_photoWhat is your “type”?

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14I don’t have a single type. I go for an honest fella with a good heart, who is smart and generous. He has to be grounded and self-aware, with a sense of humor and foremost the ability to laugh at himself. Otherwise I will do it for him.

FredPollard_photoWhat do you listen to when no one is paying attention?


FredPollard_photoFavorite movie?  favorite color? favorite position? 

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14In order…. No particular favorite movie, but I love all the original Sean Connery James Bond flicks, Blue, and in bed with my man.

FredPollard_photoDo you plan to continue modeling? What is next on the horizon? 

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14I plan to continue modeling as long as there are interesting projects out there. I don’t like to repeat so I can never say how long this will last. It’s fun but it’s not necessary. Next on the horizon are many unknowns. I have a mate in Portland who is a phenomenal artist and asked me if he could paint me for his series. Quite the honor! Other than that, I’ve talked with several photographers here and abroad this past year, especially with Bull + Bear Photography in NYC. I love their attitude and work a lot. I look forward to working with them soon.

FredPollard_photoIs there anyone special in your life? 

mileswindsor_thumb_apr14Yes finally! After being sidetracked now for years, I met an amazing fella who I love very much. I’m reminded every day how lucky I am to have him.


(This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue of HIM Magazine)


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