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I conducted a model profile interview with Chris Miklos for HIM Magazine last fall. Sadly, Chris died of an apparent heart attack this week, so I thought I would revisit this interview and share it with others. Chris was such a nice, down-to-earth guy, and he could always make me laugh with his silly demeanor and warped sense of humor. Though I only knew him for about a year or so, I sure am glad we became friends.

As appeared in HIM Magazine in the November 2013 issue:

You may recognize model Chris Miklos from his work with Mack Sturgis Studios or Shane Ruff Studios in the ads, or maybe his appearance in Pete Statham’s music video, “Bear For Life.” Lately, he is getting a lot of attention for his performance in Doug Strahm’s latest video, “Better This Way,” in which he plays the bolder half of a construction worker couple.


 Photography by David Lengel 


FredPollard_photoFP: Where did you grow up?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I grew up in the Akron/Cleveland area, and spent most of my childhood there before heading off to the military after college.

FredPollard_photoFP: How did you get started in modeling?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I was just approached by a photographer, who was a friend of mine at the time, and asked if he could take some shots of me.

FredPollard_photoFP: Was that first job a nerve-racking experience for you?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I felt very comfortable in front of the camera. After a few of those shots were released, I kept getting approached by more photographers.

FredPollard_photoFP: Has your life changed since branching out into modeling?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I would say my life hasn’t changed that much. I still have a great job working in clinical research. One thing that I have noticed is a lot more people recognize me when I am out and about. I travel a lot for work, which also allows me to shoot with photographers all over the country.

FredPollard_photoFP: Tell us a little about your experiences filming the videos for Pete Statham’s “Bear for Life” and Doug Strahm’s “Better This Way.” How did you and Doug hook up?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: Pete Statham’s video was my first attempt and doing any type of video work. I was a little nervous at first; doing photography and doing video are two completely different animals. I also realized how good the editing can be and what can make for good videos.

Doug had approached me on Facebook; he sent me a message asking if I would like to play his counterpart in his new video. What really interested me in the song were the lyrics and the story it told. Being in the military where being gay is not tolerated very highly really hit home for me and I know it does to many others. Once we ironed out the details, he flew me up, shot the video in a couple days, and you all have seen the finished product. I was very impressed with Doug’s talent and voice from the get-go, but meeting him and his partner in person showed me what a really nice guy he is what a great relationship he has.

Click the photo to see Doug’s video, “Better This Way,” starring Chris.

FredPollard_photoFP: How were the video shoots different from a typical modeling shoot?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: With just a shoot, you can get the shot very quickly. The photographer has an idea of exactly what he wants. When you’re doing video, there are so many different aspects that have to be synced in order for it to be a cohesive piece…you have to video so many different angles and scenes from different perspectives, many different times. Each definitely has its own preparations.

FredPollard_photoFP: Tell us a little about yourself…do you have any unusual hobbies or pastimes? What would be people be surprised to hear about you?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: Most people that know me know that I am a pretty grounded guy. I like to live life to the fullest and try to have as much fun as possible. In order to do this, I also work my butt off to ensure that I can continue the lifestyle that suits me. I have worked in clinical research for about 12 years now and I have finally landed my dream job. This job allows me to travel all over the country, and with this being a hobby of mine as well, it’s a perfect fit for me. What people are most surprised to hear about me is that I am a really nice guy. Having the benefit of decent looks and a good head on my shoulders, I try to be as nice and friendly to people as I would like to be treated. There are too many out there who think they deserve the world because they are good looking; I am by no means one of these people. I have worked very hard to get where I am at and very proud to have accomplished what I have.

FredPollard_photoFP: You are currently in what you term an “open relationship.” As the community’s perception of relationships continues to grow and evolve, what are your thoughts on those that say anything other than a one-on-one, monogamous relationship cannot work?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I have met a great guy recently and have moved up to New York to live with him. This is my first big move in a very long time and it’s been a great adventure. Greg is one of the most down to earth and special men that allows me to be myself, and in turn has been the start to a great relationship. We knew that from the get-go, being in a monogamous relationship was just not going to work for either of us. I will be 40 next year, and after many years of experience and knowing many couples that have “open” or “monogamous” relationships, I know one fact to be true; the only difference between the two is honesty. Greg and I are completely open and honest about everyone we chat with, flirt, have sex with, etc. Humans are meant to hunt; you would be amazed by how many “monogamous” couples have approached me in some form of sexual advances in the past couple of years. (Usually one without telling the other, so personally I don’t think two men can be monogamous.) If there are couples out there that are having these types of relationships, I applaud them. It’s their choice, but don’t judge others on their personal choices on how they conduct their own relationships. We posted our status on Facebook about our open relationship and it was really surprising how much negative feedback we got from that.

FredPollard_photoFP: If you could do a modeling shoot with the model of your dreams, who would that be?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: Well not sure if these two would be considered models, but I have always had a thing for Bill Goldberg or Stone Cold Steve Austin. I would let those two do whatever they wanted to me. (Smiles)

FredPollard_photoFP: What took you to Texas?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: After I got out of college, I decided to go into the military. I did this for about five years and my last duty station was in Killeen, Texas. Once my time was up, I ended up dating a guy that lived in Austin. Then I met Greg at IML earlier this year and we have really hit it off. With work, I am able to be based anywhere in the country, so right now I am basing myself out of New York and spending a lot of time with Greg to see how things go. So far so good, and have never been happier.

FredPollard_photoFP: Country or rock music?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I like a little bit of both, each has its own elements that I enjoy listening to. It really just depends what kind of mood I am in.

FredPollard_photoFP: Big Macs or salads?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: Can you combine the two? I like both actually; again, it depends on my mood and if I am trying to put on more muscle.

FredPollard_photoFP: Twinks or bears?

chrismiklos_thumb_nov13CM: I have always been attracted to muscles and hair. You can be the most beautiful man on the planet, but if he’s not sporting a big bushy beard and has a nice chest full of hair, he won’t even register on my radar. Sexually that is…I have friends of all different ages, sizes, weights and backgrounds; I like to have a diverse group of friends. Granted, I do tend to spend most of my time with other bears…they are just some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


Written by Fred Pollard


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