An Alton man’s observations about New York

A local friend of mine, Derrick Richardson, has written an editorial about New York business and I wanted to share…feel free to contact Derrick and give him your thoughts!

My Observations of NY

New York City businesses remind me of the old days when businesses were made up of specialty shops. For example, consumers in NY go to the key shops if they want keys made, they go to the button store if they want to buy buttons, and they go to the belt buckle store if they want belt buckles, etc etc. Of course, there are stores and businesses that are one-stop shops where consumers can buy everything. For the most part, the City is set up for individual businesses with individual crafts. I like it because it allows business opportunities for everyone. This might be hard to believe, but customers do receive personalized service in NYC. The business owners of NY are very knowledgeable of their products, and they are eager to assist their customers in finding items within their stores. In addition, there are enough people in NY to make the consumer system work. As a people, we are always in need of something and consumers won’t all patronize the same business, not as long as there are many choices. In addition, people here shop near their homes or jobs. Work, shopping, and hanging out is usually packaged together. Meaning, New Yorkers don’t typically go home after work to change clothes, eat, or put their bags down. Besides who wants to be cramped up and stare at the walls of a 300 sq ft apartment or condo that is costing $2000 a month? New Yorkers want to be out as much as possible having fun when they can.

Moreover, the economy is stimulated by New Yorkers efforts to create jobs for everyone, this way everyone has more money to spend, which boosts ambition in people.

Also, instead of one person having a job with ten job descriptions, there are five people with two job descriptions. No one does the other persons job. Employees seem to have a measure of respect for each other’s job titles. Allow me to share a personal experience…I asked a hotel clerk for directions, he directed me to the concierge because it was not his place to answer my question.  Furthermore, when I say people in NY take pride in their work, THEY DO. They know how hard it is get a job and how long it takes to travel to it. Residents here have responsibilities that are depending on that job, and they know someone is waiting in line to get that job if they don’t appreciate it. On another note, concerning shopping, there is a market for everyone. All consumer needs are met. They can buy a $1 bottle of water, a $5 meal, a $20 purse, which is pretty conservative or if in the mood to spend a little bit of money consumers can shop on Park Ave, Broadway, or Fashion Ave.

Furthermore, I observed that New Yorkers do not wear their feelings on their sleeve; for lack of a better explanation of this statement…they have tough skin. Yes, to make it in NYC, one must be able to make it on the streets. In NY, residences usually have no fear or intimidation of other races, or religions. They deal with the way people drive as well as the culture of “big city” rude attitudes. Hardly anything is taking for granted in NYC. Living there, in my view, is a choice that should be respected.

Derrick D. Richardson 


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