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King Tut: The Jan Brady of pharaohs

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He looked down the steps into the blackness, smelling what most would call decay. He preferred to think of it as history. With the sands stinging his cheeks and the wind whistling an ominous howl, he took the first step, his daughter shuffling close behind him. “Go on,” a deep voice urged, coming from the […]

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac’s drama rages on

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If music be the food of love, then play on. And play on they do. Naming their 1969 album after a quote from Shakespeare was a prophetic foreshadowing for the members of Fleetwood Mac, never guessing the band’s career for the next 40 years would be a sea of turmoil, celebrity and betrayal worthy of […]

The day Sesame Street lost its integrity

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It happens. Television networks deny it. Newspapers deny it. Offices and corporations deny it. But it happens, and everyone knows what transpired, even when a word soup press release is issued to try and spin the decision in an attempt to not look like jerkwads. It happens. When it comes to celebrity, once people reach […]

Will hate win?

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It’s hard not to feel hate. It’s hard when you see the jokes start circulating on social media less than 24 hours after 49 people lost their lives. It’s hard when you hear people like Donald Trump using the tragedy to further his own agenda, oblivious to the raging pain of loved ones left behind. […]

Ashes to ashes: The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust

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This past week, we lost two true pop icons when both Pat Harrington, Jr., who portrayed lovable apartment superintendent Dwayne Schneider (Jan. 6) and artist-musician David Bowie (Jan. 10) passed away. From 1975 until 1984, Harrington’s portrayal of Schneider was a highlight for millions of viewers of “One Day at a Time.”One of Norman Lear’s […]

New Year’s resolutions are back!

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Ask me how my New Year’s resolutions are going on Jan. 15, and you will most likely get an enthusiastic, spirited reply. The workouts are consistent, the diet choices are well on their way to driving McDonald’s out of business, the desk is organized and free of clutter. Ask me how those resolutions are going […]

SNL’s 40th anniversary special falls short…WAY short

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As a big fan of Saturday Night Live, I was really looking forward to last night’s 40th anniversary tribute. I remember back in 1990, there was a similar live anniversary special that was a combination of classic sketches, cameos from past cast members, and more. I had hopes last night would be all of that, […]

Interview with the vampire’s son!

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by Fred Pollard  October 11, 2014 Bela Lugosi Jr. poses with his father in the elder Lugosi’s signature costume. As a cold, white hand emerges slowly from its coffin later this month in Edwardsville, Bela Lugosi Jr. will be on site to raise his hand and proclaim, “That’s my dad!” “I see it as my job […]

Fleetwood Mac show in Chicago brings down the house

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Illicit affairs. Rampant cocaine use. Religious cult kidnappings. The creation of a fake group. Drastic band switches in style, genre, and leadership…time and again. Epilepsy. Rehab. Marriages. Divorces. Marriages again. Alcohol-induces seizures. LSD-induced psychosis. Lawsuits. Vicious battles with the promise to never speak again. Since 1967, Fleetwood Mac has lived the life of a hundred […]

An Alton man’s observations about New York

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A local friend of mine, Derrick Richardson, has written an editorial about New York business and I wanted to share…feel free to contact Derrick and give him your thoughts! My Observations of NY New York City businesses remind me of the old days when businesses were made up of specialty shops. For example, consumers in […]