"They're all gonna laugh at you!"

38 years after Stephen King published his classic novel and 36 years after the original film adaptation starring Sissy Spacek, a new version of Carrie is currently in the works.

Moretz in costume on the set of the new “Carrie” remake.

Chloe Grace Moretz has been cast in the lead role, with Julianne Moore confirmed as Carrie’s psychotic mother. 15-year-old Moretz is saying the new version will “mess with your mind.” While she may be age-appropriate for the role, I cannot help wondering if an actress that young can bring the complexity of a character like this to life (Spacek was a married, established 27-year-old actress when she starred in the original 1976 film).

With a planned release of March 2013, this actually will be the latest in a series of Carrie reboots. A sequel, Carrie 2:The Rage, was released in 1999, and a failed Broadway version folded after just a few performances in 1988.

But when it comes to the all-time worst remakes in history (most of which are remakes of classic Stephen King movies), the 2002 television adaption of the novel has to be pretty close to the top of the heap. It bastardizes one of the most poignant endings in a horror movie ever by having Carrie survive to become some kind of vigilante telekinetic super hero.

If the proposed television series would have materialized, they could have given her a costume complete with a tampon on the chest bent in the shape of a “C”.

In honor of the new Carrie, you gotta check out one of the funniest things ever to make the Facebook rounds in recent history…a Brady Bunch/Carrie mashup that had me almost peeing my pants!

Check it out here!

3 thoughts on “"They're all gonna laugh at you!"

  1. I’m 100% against this. This is one of my top 3 favorite films of all time and should be left alone. Chloe Grace Moretz didn’t really bring much to “Let Me In”, and I’m afraid it will be the same with this remake. They’re all gonna laugh – at this remake.

  2. Fred, here’s yet another film that does not need to be remade. There’s no way they can improve on the original. Hollywood needs to start coming up with their own ideas for movies and move away from the “franchise” mentality. Is it any wonder that US films are so terrible?

  3. Tampon bent into a C! Oh, sh**! [Wipes tear away from eye.] Yes, I think you’re absolutely dead-on with the idea this would work to destroy one of the most recognizable, if not poignant, endings in book and cinema. Sadly, this is one of those Wait-and-See Occasions. And I agree wholeheartedly (being one with plenty of fine ideas) that Hollywood is going entirely too rehash. Wonderful, solid article, as usual.

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